Climate Neutrality Foundation (2021): How to increase the availability of land for onshore wind energy rapidly and with legal certainty. Regulatory proposal.

Regulatory proposal “More Land for Wind Energy”

On the way towards climate neutrality, wind energy will become the most important source of energy in Germany. To accelerate the necessary expansion of wind energy in Germany, significantly more qualified areas must be made available for onshore wind. We propose a new approach towards the so-called concentration zone planning in the Federal Building Code, which can be implemented quickly. The proposal is based on a legal opinion by Professor Martin Kment, an environmental and planning lawyer from Augsburg. The proposed regulation creates a positive incentive for municipalities and states to make sufficient areas available for wind energy.

January 2021 | Link to the publication



Prognos, Öko-Institut, Wuppertal Institut (2020): Towards a Climate-Neutral Germany. Executive Summary conducted for Agora Energiewende, Agora Verkehrswende and Stiftung Klimaneutralität.

Publication “Towards a Climate-Neutral Germany”

The large-scale study “Towards a Climate-Neutral Germany”, commissioned in cooperation with Agora Energiewende and Agora Verkehrswende, shows how Germany can become climate-neutral by 2050, with cost-effectiveness, adherence to existing investment cycles and acceptance as core criteria. This is possible through the consistent application of technologies that are already available today or are well developed. Climate neutrality requires an electricity system based entirely on renewable energies. Road transport and heat supply will largely switch to electricity-based solutions. The efficient refurbishment of existing buildings and the establishment of a hydrogen economy for industry, power generation, shipping and aviation are essential.

October 2020 | Link to the publication