More effective climate policies require scientifically sound strategies and scenarios, instruments that can actually achieve goals, and increased international cooperation. The Climate Neutrality Foundation wants to contribute to this.

The goal of our foundation is to show pathways to a resilient climate neutrality.

Human-induced climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases is a threat to Germany, Europe and the world. Despite all the progress made, it is still primarily the fossil fuels oil, coal and natural gas that our economy uses to produce, drive cars, fly, transport goods and heat our homes.

However, the challenge posed by climate change is also a great opportunity for a comprehensive modernization of our economy, which we should use wisely. If we want to prevent dangerous climate change, we must significantly accelerate the transformation to climate neutrality and make it resilient.

Strengthen international cooperation.

No country or continent can solve the climate crisis alone. Solving the climate crisis requires international cooperation. We want to provide impetus for partnerships of equals, resilience through diversification of trade relations and strengthening security of supply for raw materials and strategic goods.

In July 2020, the Climate Neutrality Foundation began its work in Berlin.

Climate and energy expert Rainer Baake, who was State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment from 1998 to 2005 and State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy from 2014 to 2018, was appointed director.

In August 2022, Regine Günther, former Senator for Environment, Transport and Climate (2016-2021) in the Berlin state government, was appointed co-director.

The foundation was established to develop cross-sectoral strategies for a climate-friendly Germany in close cooperation with other think tanks. Based on good research, the foundation aims to inform, advise and initiate debates.

In addition, non-energy greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the agriculture, industry and waste management sectors, must also be avoided as far as possible or offset by negative emissions.


The Climate Neutrality Foundation is supported by the non-profit, US-based Climate Imperative Foundation. The Climate Imperative Foundation funds climate activities of particular relevance worldwide and is managed by Energy Innovation:



The Climate Neutrality Foundation is independent in its work and politically neutral.