For successful climate policy we need scientifically sound scenarios, instruments that actually deliver on our targets, and more dialogue between various interest groups.
The Climate Neutrality Foundation wants to contribute to that effort.

The aim of our foundation is to show ways to achieve climate neutrality.

Human induced climate change due to emissions of greenhouse gases is a major threat to Germany, Europe and the world. Despite all progress – it is still fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas that power our economies, fuel our cars and airplanes, transport our goods and heat our homes.

However, the challenge posed by climate change is also a great opportunity for a comprehensive modernization of our economy, which we should use wisely. If we are to avoid dangerous climate change, we urgently need to accelerate the transformation to climate neutrality!


Climate protection in Europe can only be successful if Germany is also successful.

Germany is among the top seven emitters of greenhouse gases globally. Within the EU, Germany is by far the largest emitter.With its work, the Climate Neutrality Foundation wants to show the way to a rapid transformation.


The Climate Neutrality Foundation, based in Berlin, began its work in July 2020.

Climate and energy expert Rainer Baake, former State Secretary in the Federal Environment Ministry from 1998 to 2005 and State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy from 2014 to 2018, was appointed Director.

The foundation was established to develop cross-sectoral strategies for a climate-friendly Germany in close cooperation with other think tanks. Based on sound research, the foundation aims to provide information and advice – independent of vested interests.

It will be of central importance in the upcoming legislative terms,

  • to avoid stranded investments in fossil technologies,
  • to massively improve the efficiency of energy use (Efficiency First),
  • to expand renewable power generation to an extent that enables the necessary electrification of other sectors (Electrify Second)
  • and finally, to use electricity from renewable sources to produce hydrogen that replaces fossil fuels in industry, but also in other sectors (Green Fuels Third).

In addition, greenhouse gas emissions that are not caused by energy use, especially in the agricultural, industrial and waste management sectors, must be avoided as far as possible or compensated by negative emissions.


The Climate Neutrality Foundation receives funding from the non-profit US-American Climate Imperative Foundation, which finances particularly relevant climate protection activities worldwide: https://climateimperative.org/

The Climate Imperative Foundation takes no influence on the substance of the Climate Neutrality Foundation’s work.

The Climate Neutrality Foundation is independent in its work and politically neutral.